About ACTS

Active—James 2:14 states, “Faith without works is dead.” ACTS takes the Great Commission seriously to go (to urban Philadelphia and beyond) and tell others about God’s plan of salvation and transformation. ACTS workers share the Gospel while imitating Christ and his love for those around him.

Compassion—In love, God draws us to himself. God showed us compassion in a tangible way before we were even interested (Roman 5:6). This love compels us to share with others the peace and purpose we have found in Christ. The Holy Spirit enables us to love needy persons who live around the place where Tenth Presbyterian Church is situated.

Through—God has given the Body of Believers at Tenth (and other churches) gifts, talents, and resources. ACTS utilizes these to reach out to the community in Jesus’s name.

Service—The needs in the Philadelphia urban area are great. What better way to respond to God’s gift of love than by giving time, energy, and our selves, in service.

What Volunteers Say About Service

“The Bible tells us to love God and our neighbors. My involvement is a response to grace.”

“Sharing is easy. And the needs [out there] are great.”

“I enjoy speaking about the Word — it’s part of a lifestyle for me.”

“I like the joy of leading others to Christ and seeing lives transformed. “

“I enjoy showing God’s love. It’s hospitality in Jesus’ name.”

“I’ve matured through this ministry. I’m compelled to live out my talk before others.”

“This is the only church I’ve attended that cares. This led me from the suburbs to minister [in the city]. “

“I think one person can make a difference.”

“My initial goals [for involvement] focused on me and my life. God has broadened my view to care more about others.”

“I have a burden for those who are broken or brokenhearted.”

“It makes a difference to me. And what do I get out of it? A closer intimacy with the Lord.”