41umqpf3gl-_sy346_Not Just a Soup Kitchen is the story of how God transformed the life of the author from near-death skull fracture, childhood sexual abuse, and spiritual bankruptcy to becoming the minister of mercy in the heart of Philadelphia. It is also an instructional guide for those serving in diaconal/mercy ministries.


  • David Apple’s life is a story of mercy received and then freely given to others. Through a lifetime of friendship to the urban poor, Dr. Apple has learned many valuable lessons about serving people in need. In this complete guide to mercy ministry, he explains biblical principles for healing, tells captivating stories of personal transformation, gives wise warnings about the mistakes that people often make in ministry, and shares many practical suggestions for truly addressing spiritual and material needs. –Dr. Philip G. Ryken: President of Wheaton College
  • For the last 20 years, David Apple has been a great friend who has provided an important example for anyone who is interested on doing exemplary work within urban ministry. This book is helpful to all those seeking to move beyond doing charity at an arm’s length and actually empowers those we are serving and bring them fully into the life of the church. I strongly encourage both church leaders and lay people looking to deepen their understanding of service to read this book. –Dr. John Perkins: Cofounder of CCDA and Founder and President Emeritus of the John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation
  • David’s personal story of tragedy, hardship and brokenness shows how David was transformed through the powerful gospel of Christ and then called and shaped by God for the ministry of mercy and justice that he has pursued for the past years. As the story unfolds he moves on to tell us how the ACTS ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church was started and has grown to engage the least, the last, and the lost from the community surrounding the church. This book is a must read for anyone who has been called of God to this kind of ministry. This is one of the most practical books on mercy and justice that I have ever read. I recommend it highly. –Bill Krispin: Former Executive Director of Center for Urban Theological Studies and CityNet Ministries

About the Author

Dr. David S. Apple has directed ACTS – Active Compassion Through Service – the Mercy Ministry of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia since 1988. He has led divorce recovery and single parent ministries, and presently oversees 300 volunteer staff in outreach, evangelism and hospitality to homeless and addicted persons, nursing home residents, incarcerated men and women, people with special needs, and others. His ministry includes deacon training and equipping churches across the United States for ministry in their communities. He also serves as a Chaplain with the Philadelphia Police Department.

David earned a B.A. from Calvin College, a Pastoral Counseling Certificate from Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, and an MATS and D.Min. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He came to salvation in 1966 through the incarnational ministry of Northside Chapel CRC in inner-city Paterson, NJ. That experience has shaped his life and ministry.


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