Bridge-Builders (Relationship and community building)

Bridge Builders is a Luncheon and Fellowship with Tenth members and others that meets to build and strengthen relationships. We especially welcome those new to Tenth. Our theme this year is Love one another. The theme verse isWhatever you have heard from me and seen me do, put it into practice” (Phil. 4:9). David Apple is the presenter.

Bridge Builders meets third Sundays at 1:00pm in Fellowship Hall


Community Dinner (homeless outreach)

Community Dinners meets every second Sunday. We provide worship, good food, and Christian hospitality to 50-75 of our homeless neighbors. We ministers with the gospel while meeting physical and relational needs. As a Center City church, Tenth Presbyterian has frequent contact with the growing number of homeless and addicted men and women. Volunteers serve as table hosts, food preparers, servers, and cooks. The time required is two hours on the second Sunday of the month.

“You sit, eat, and talk” is the answer I gave to the question about the role of a table host. It couldn’t be simpler. Scripture says, “When you give a banquet, invite the poor . . . “. We want to be neighbors to those who have little means and less hope by sharing ourselves and the good news of Christ. We also make the church a safe place for those who usually don’t feel welcome in churches. It is our alternative to a soup kitchen.

  • Provide hospitality at a table with a group of homeless/poor neighbors, second Sundays at 2:00.
  • Assist with the pre-dinner worship service
  • Help shop for or prepare the meal for 75-100 guests. David Apple,

Fellowship Bible Study East (homeless outreach)

Fellowship Bible Study. Most Sunday we provide fellowship, singing, study of the Word, and dinner with a regular group of our homeless neighbors. Long-term relationships are formed and referrals for help are made for FBS Bible students who desire to enter Christ-centered addiction recovery programs.

We meet on the first, third, fourth, fifth Sundays, from 4:00-6:15 pm, at Tenth. On Fridays from  7:00-9:00 we meet at Woodland Pres. Church, 42nd and Pine Streets, West Philadelphia,

FBS started in 1989 with an idea and prayer: “Let’s encourage our homeless friends to study the bible with us.” Invitations–both written and verbal–went out. The first week no one attended. So, we prayed over the circle of empty chairs asking God to send the people he wants to be there. Today FBS has a consistent attendance of 20-25 homeless and poor men and women studying the Word and being transformed into his likeness.

You can help others study the bible. Perhaps you have the ability to teach the Word. Or, maybe you have the gift of cooking for a group of forty. You could help with food preparation and hospitality. If you believe God is calling you to serve with us, please contact us.

Moses was homeless and addicted for approximately twenty years. He came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ after attending Community Dinners and FBS for several years. He reconciled with his wife and children. They all became Christians and Tenth members.



  • Help a homeless guest study the Bible; Woodland Presbyterian Church, 42nd and Pine Streets, Fridays at 7:00

Nursing Home Ministry 

Nursing Home has a program of visitation and worship by adults and children to residents of two area nursing homes (Center City and University City) on the second and fourth Sundays, 2:00–3:30 pm.photo32

Annie was a nursing home resident who regularly attended our worship services. One Sunday not long ago she was unable to dress herself or to get help in dressing. Because of that she missed the worship service. Soon after she recognized the worship leader as he was passing her room. She called out hoping to get his attention. The leader heard her and entered her room. She shared with him that she was unable to get to the worship service and was sad to miss the sermon, the singing and the fellowship. She asked what the sermon was about. The worship leader not only gave her a summary but shared with her the entire sermon. At the end they discussed the meaning of the sermon and Annie said she would like to pray to receive Jesus as his savior. She did. That night she died.

Help us with worship (read/pray), share your musical gift, hold a Bible or songbook for a resident, be a friend.


  • Liberty Court, 16th and Lombard Streets, 2nd Sundays at 2:00
  • worship, music, song, and visitation


  • Penn Center, 3609 Chestnut Street, 4th Sundays at 2:00
  • Worship, music, song, and visitation

Prison Ministry (men and women)

Ministry inside the Walls. The Prison Ministry has been serving at the Federal Detention Center, 7th and Arch Streets, since it was built in 2000. We have Bible studies in the male and female units with five to ten inmates attending each one regularly. We have been given opportunities for tutoring and re-entry seminars and as well. The Bureau of Prisons provides security training plus criminal database and child abuse screening and finger printing for all volunteers. The Prison Ministry started with prayer. In January 1999, we began praying about ministry in the prison being built near us. In February we contacted the Bureau of Prisons Regional Volunteer Coordinator and prayed. In May, the first chaplain arrived. We established a working relationship and we prayed together. The first inmates arrived and we prayed. In July and August we trained our first ministry workers and prayed. Finally, in December 2000 we started our first prison Bible study. There are approximatelphoto33y one thousand inmates, and, at one time, ten percent of them attended our Bible Studies.

Frank was an inmate who had become a believer through one of our bible studies. Soon after, he received a 27 year sentence for his crime. Transferred to another facility, he was questioning God. He felt angry and abandoned. But as the weeks went by at the new facility, Frank began sharing his faith and inmates were being saved. Frank had received the spiritual gift of evangelism and was being used by God as an inside minister. And Frank rejoiced in God’s plan for his life.

  • David Apple,
  • Federal Detention Center, 700 Arch Street
  • Lead a Bible study in English, Spanish, and other languages as needed—Tuesday nights