Greg’s Story

Greg “had it made,” or so he thought. Sure, he was homeless and addicted. But he always bragged about the place he called home. That is, where he put his pillow and where he had pictures of surfers in Hawaii and people skiing in the Swiss Alps. You see, he slept on a dry heat vent above the subway, under an awning outside a travel agency. He made $15-20 an hour panhandling. Not bad, he thought.
Greg heard about our Ministry to homeless persons and began attending our Fellowship Bible Study and dinner. Over the years we established a good relationship with him, but he did not want to change. He knew the Bible, but he didn’t want a different lifestyle.
Picture him, next, in his new home behind bars. As I said, he believed he had it made . . . that is, until he was arrested, convicted of a crime, and sent to prison.  In his cell and on his unit, he had no more travel posters to look at, no more people to ask for spare change, and no more friends to study God’s word with. He did have lots of loneliness and lots of Muslims seeking to convert him. So, in his sorrow he reached out to us, probably the only people he both knew and trusted.
He wrote to us, put us on his visitor list, and our relationship grew. He became hungry for the Word. He was always a reader, so we sent him a study Bible and commentaries. He established a relationship with the chaplain and became a believer. We visited him and stayed in touch with him regularly.
Today he is living in another state, walking with the Lord, worshiping, and serving. And we give thanks for God’s work in Greg’s life.
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